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  • I offer coaching and mentoring sessions to leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, and people pursuing success all around the world. I am an MIT-trained Economist, an ICC-certified Coach, a Galileo Scholar, a successful entrepreneur, and a Pan-American Champion of Karate. With me, the client gets a certified coach and mentor with a verifiable track record in business, academia, and sports.

    AN IMPORTANT DISTINCTION FOR CLIENTS. Coaching and mentoring are two different but complementary types of learning and development partnerships. Clients benefit from both partnerships personally and professionally by gaining life-changing insight, knowledge, and tools to achieve their goals and improve their overall quality of life.

    COACHING is a relationship by which a coach helps another individual, also called coachee, to reassess the self, re-envision the future, undergo positive transformations, and achieve their goals. The coach does this by asking specific, mind-opening questions that coachees would hardly ask themselves in daily life.

    MENTORING, on the other hand, is a relationship by which a mentor provides practical suggestions to another individual, also called mentee, in order to support their personal and professional development. The mentor does this by sharing his or her personal experience and specialized knowledge in specific areas of business and life, thus supporting mentees in their individual pursuits. Coaching and mentoring take place separately.

    OPERATIONAL DETAILS. I offer coaching and mentoring services to the general public, including individuals who request it directly as well as organizations that choose to support their employees in their development. I offer these services via Skype to many different clients around the globe. Today’s interconnected world gives me the opportunity to help you no matter where you live. I also offer face-to-face sessions in Miami, FL and São Paulo, Brazil, depending on my schedule.

    I provide five main programs:

    • Single Session

    • Four-session Pack

    • Six-session Pack

    • Eight-session Pack

    • Fully Customizable Pack

    Please contact me here for fees and further details.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. For more information about the topics we can cover in our sessions, I invite you to take a look at my blog, videos, and books. For your convenience, here are some links to my latest blog posts: